Change the mind and the body will follow. If you've never heard this, you'll become familiar with it while training with SparkFit. Half the battle is convincing yourself that you CAN transform your body. This is where SparkFit's approach to overall health comes in. Our results are driven by dedication, sustainable life changes and by nurturing how we see ourselves. Exercise and clean eating aren't done as punishment but as a way to to respect and love the bodies we were given. Through this approach, Goers was able to lose 15lbs of fat that she had once deemed impossible. We guarantee lasting results by making small changes in our diet, lifestyle and mindset. There won't be any quick fixes or magic pills but if you're looking to lose fat, build muscle and maintain it for life; than look no further. All clients also received individually custom exercise programs and nutritional guidance.

One on one training

One on one Personal Training is offered in sessions of 30, 45 or60 minutes and can be purchased as single sessions, packages or at monthly rates.  Each package includes personalized exercise programs designed specifically for you, nutritional program outlines and personal check ins. One on one training provides individualized attention that maximizes time spent during each workout to get you closer to your goals. Clients who train  with SparkFit also receive a discounted membership to Train Your Way Fitness! 

Small group training

Small Group Training is offered as 45 and 60 minute sessions with a maximum of 4 people. This is an excellent way to workout with friends, family or coworkers in a fun and supportive environment. Group training is designed for each group depending on fitness levels and capabilities. They are also a great way to group train for any upcoming event or race.


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